Is the food Halal? If yes, is it Halal for every branch?

Yes, our food is halal. Our Central Kitchen has been certified Halal. Currently, 6 out of our 15 outlets have received Halal Certified, and the other outlets are pending Halal certification. For the stores pending certification, we wish to ensure everyone that all our ingredients and food preparations follow the Halal Food Regulations and are indifferent with any other outlets. We assure all customers that our ingredients are all Halal-certified.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours vary with every branch.


Where are you located?

Our stores are located around Penang, Kedah, Klang Valley, and recently Johor. Please refer to the STORE LOCATION tab to find the exact locations.

Does the food come from the US?

No, we are a local brand that started 22 years ago in Penang. Recently, we have started expanding to Klang Valley and Johor.

I have questions that are not answered here.

If you have additional questions, we appreciate any feedback and would like to address any concerns you may have. Do drop us a line by filling in our Contact Us page and someone will contact you shortly.

Do you deliver to places outside of of your store locations?

No. At the moment, US Pizza has limited delivery areas only.

What are your delivery hours?

Our delivery hours vary depending on the store location. Please refer to the ‘Store Information’ tab in our DELIVERY section on the top right to find out the exact time for each store.

How long do I need to wait for the delivery?

We maintain a 60 minute Delivery Commitment which begins from the time our Customer Service Centre verifies your order.

My address could not be found despite being in your delivery areas. What should I do?

If your address does not show up, kindly head over to the CONTACT US section and leave us a message. You can also email us directly at

What if I want to personally pick up my pizza instead of having them delivered?

Yes, you can pick them up yourself. Please refer to the ‘Store Information’ tab in our ‘DELIVERY’ section at the top right for more information.

Is your menu Halal?

Yes, our menu is all Halal. We fully understand the dietary needs of Muslims and take care in preparing our food. All ingredients and cooking methods used at US Pizza are Halal certified.

Are the items on the menu priced the same across all outlets?

Yes, the pricings are the same across all outlets.

Are all menu items available everyday?

Certain items on the menu are subject to change based on seasonality and availability.

Do you sell anything else other than pizzas?

Yes, we do! Other than our pizzas, we do sell pasta, salad, chicken wings and dessert too.

I am a vegetarian. Are there any recommendations for me on the menu?

Opt for our Veggie Lover Pizza (spicy and non-spicy variants available) or our fruit pizzas.

How much does it cost to order from the Oddle site?

Your order’s total cost includes the price of the item as well as the delivery fees. The fees help pay our riders and continue to provide the best service.

Do you have any promotions?

We always have promotions running. Kindly check out our All Time Deals, Half & Half and X-Meal to get the best pizza deal in town.

How do I place an online order?


Step 1: Browse our menu to find your desired food and add them into the cart.

Step 2: Choose your preferred dining preferences Self-Collect or Delivery.

Step 3: Fill in your address and click “Next” to proceed.

Step 4: Select your preferred date and time.

Step 5: Add to cart.

Step 6: Choose payment option.

Step 7: Click ORDER.

Step 8: Enter your email address for order confirmation.

Step 9: Get ready to enjoy your meal!

What payment options are available for online orders?

At the moment, our payment methods include

1. Cash on Delivery

2. Online Payment

How do I know if my online order has been received?

Once you made your order, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address that you provided for registration. Kindly check your “Spam” or “Junk” folder to make sure our email has not been filtered out

I wish to cancel my order and ask for a refund. What should I do?

There is strictly no refunds, exchange, cancellations or amendments applicable once payment is processed and completed online.

How many online coupons can I use per order?

Customers may use more than one online coupon per order, subject to terms and conditions.

Is there a minimum delivery amount?

Yes, the minimum delivery order is RM 25 or depending on the coverage area.

How safe is it to pay online?

It is absolutely safe. If you are undergoing complications, head over to the CONTACT US section and message us your issue. You can also email us directly at

Can I make a reservation for an event? (Example: Birthday party)

Yes, you can. Head over to our ‘Events and Gatherings’ tab and kindly contact us at